St Ann's Summer School
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Welcome to St. Ann's Summer School

Opening days: Opening days: Monday 6 July – 14th August 2015

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Our General Objectives:
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St. Ann's Summer School 2010
Trip to Guyana 1
Trip to Guyana 2
Overseas Trips
Day Camp
Faith Trip
Students will be able to:
  • LOVE READING and to engage in healthy reading habits
  • Memorize scripture verses
  • Make new friends/respect other students/counselors of different colour, creed and opinions
  • Develop a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Develop a pride for/protect their body/environment as they become aware of its beauty
Our Specific Objectives:
  • Read the Bible and at least one book of choice per week
  • Learn well at least one scripture verse each week
  • Learn the parishes of Barbados and specific facts about at least four (4) places of interest in Barbados/Caribbean Island
  • Complete at least two (2) craft items using recyclable/reusable materials
  • Demonstrate a love/respect/appreciation for God, others, environment, by producing a form of art, drama, poetry etc
{N.B Fees are $55.00 per week payable at the beginning of each week OR $20.00 per day or part thereof, payable at the beginning of each day.}
A full brochure of the planned activities will be forwarded to you on receiving your registration form and fee.
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