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ST. ANN'S SUMMER SCHOOL (S.A.S.S.) was founded in the summer of 1995 by Mrs Cynthia A. J. Sealey a.k.a. "Auntie Lynda" and is organized and directed by her. It is an extension of St. Ann's Kindergarten School and is located at Stuart's Land, Fair Field Cross Road, Tudor Bridge, St. Michael, Barbados. West Indies. (The Kindergarten school, which has been in existence since 1991, is held during the normal school year and caters to children between ages 1 years and 5 years).
Camp Site in Grenada 2001 ST. ANN'S SUMMER SCHOOL, as its name suggests, is held in the summer, during the months of July and August. It caters to children between ages 2 1/2 - 12 years, many of whom are older siblings of the students attending the KG, or graduates of the same. It is a service being offered to the immediate Fair Field areas, and wider communities of Barbados, and takes the form of a "Vacation Bible School."
Many children from various Sunday Schools and non-church goers attend. This time is seen as a treasured opportunity to impart the knowledge of Jesus Christ and a sense of self-esteem in the hearts of the children who attend. Each year the focus is on a new Biblical motivational theme, and the children are exposed to learning new memory verses, gospel songs, choruses, etc., based on the specific theme.
The Programme Activities include: Bible Stories, Devotions & Bible Activities, Music, Drama, Dance, Mime, Conversational Spanish, Sign Language, Introduction to Computers & new Technology, Video Shows, Health & Conflict Resolution talks, Structured Sports & Games, Interactive Skills, Weekend Camps/Sleep Overs, Bonfires & Barbecues, Survival Skills, Arts & Craft, Home Economics, Fun Days, Nature Walks, Talent Shows/Concerts, Tea Parties, Field Trips, Excursions, Overseas Tours, and much more! There is also an Academic Mentorship programme where older students mentor younger ones in the 3 R's: Reading, 'riting and 'rithemetic, and Spelling. The programme has lots of enrichment and is a very rewarding time in the lives of each student attending. Certificates of attendance are awarded at the end of the programme.

Qualified teachers as well as young, trained counsellors, assist each year in the SUMMER SCHOOL programme. These Supervisors/Aunties have been hand-picked because of their love and dedication to the safety and well being of children and will be experiencing on-going training re child development/care

Every year, students and counsellors from around the world who attend ST. ANN'S SUMMER SCHOOL, all confess at the end, that it truly was their best experience ever!!! Should your heart lead you to send your child/ward to our Summer School this year, registration forms are available from St. Ann's Kindergarten, and other primary schools and churches in the area. Please fill out the form and return it to St. Ann's Kindergarten school as soon as possible, with the REGISTRATION FEE OF $20. 00, to secure a space. (Limited spaces are available!).